Tyler Lapkin

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Tyler was born and raised in the north Lake Tahoe area. Here, he gained a passion and respect for the natural world and his place in it. He grew up skiing, and after learning to surf at age 12, discovered a deep love of the ocean. Tyler graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2004 with a degree in History and a focus in Environmental Studies and Italian. He then decided not to go to law school, and instead moved to Santa Cruz, CA where he spent 4 years becoming an acupuncturist, earning a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.Tyler began a private acupuncture practice in 2010 and he continues to practice part- time in Tahoe City. During his time in Tahoe and traveling the world to hike, surf, and ski, Tyler, developed a keen interest in photography. He works for the Joseph Campbell Foundation interviewing some of today’s deepest thinkers for The Podcast With A Thousand Faces, and has recently finished a two year meditation teacher training program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. He continues to pursue his passion of deepening his understanding of life, health, our connection to the natural world and each other.

For inquires please e-mail him at tyler.lapkin@gmail.com

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